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emotionise ai is the only content creation AI trained with emotion at its core.

Our AI helps you create copy that increases sales and engagement

How does it do this?

Let emotionise ai

Reduce your content budget End your struggle to find good freelancers Help you create content that gets results Create content that connects

Let Emotionise AI make your life easier

Harness the Power of emotionise ai

Recent advances in neuroscience have revealed we don’t remember content unless we connect emotionally with it. We make decisions based on our feelings. Emotionise AI identifies your audience’s concerns, desires and emotions and guides you to ensure your writing connects emotionally.

Increase Sales and Engagement

AB Testing of Emotionise demonstrated participating companies increased their sales by a minimum of 18% whey they changed to Emotionise content recommendations.

Take the Pain out of Content Creation

emotionise ai starts that elusive first sentence for you and as you write it suggests content and research tool tips.

Emotionise Existing Content

91% of marketers update their existing content so imagine if you could refresh and improve all the marketing content you have ever produced? Now you can with emotionise ai

AI combined with Human Creativity

We believe in the unlimited power and uniqueness of human creativity. We help you enhance the creative process NOT replace it.

Identify your Audience’s Emotions

Our unique and innovative AI has been trained on decades of award winning content creation expertise and insights into human concerns, desires and emotions.

emotionise ai offers a step by step process which empowers users to:

Step 1
Step 1

Target exactly who their audience is
Step 2
Step 2

Target their audience’s concerns, desires and emotions
Step 3
Step 3

Offer users content ideas
Step 4
Step 4

Start that elusive first sentence for you
Step 5
Step 5

Provides relevant research and content tool tips to make your Product/Service a Must Have instead of a Nice to Have
Step 6
Step 6

Ensure your tone and style are always consistent and on target for your audience
Step 7
Step 7

Benefit from the massive database of Emotionise users’ insights and experience.

Let emotionise ai make your life easier