The Science Behind Our AI

Recent advances in neuroscience have revealed we don’t remember content and communications unless we connect emotionally.

emotionise ai identifies the emotional core of what you do, what you’re offering and how you want to persuade people

Our AB Testing PROVES emotionised content Increases Sales and Engagement.

Our research team monitored 3 companies’ content, sales and engagement before they applied the Emotionise Process.

It then monitored their sales and engagement after they had identified their audience’s concerns, desires and emotions and created emotionally engaged content.

All of their sales increased by a minimum of 18%

One shop’s sales increased by a massive 62%

All of their sales increased by a minimum of 18%

One shop’s sales Increased by a massive 62%

Scientific research has uncovered the power of emotions when it comes to decision making.

Professor of Psychology, Philosophy and Neurology at the University of Southern California Antonio Damasio’s research into emotions in decision making led him to assert that “Humans are not thinking machines but feeling machines that think.”

emotionise ai generates exactly what your target audience is feeling

Let emotionise ai transform your content and communications

Benefit from our powerful, unique and innovative AI and connect emotionally with your target audience